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Common Reasons And Preventions For Senior Falls

Posted by Brian Shevel on 13 April 2017
Common Reasons And Preventions For Senior Falls
Tripping or falling may not seem like a big to you, but it can actually be fatal for seniors. Consequences of falls in the elderly can be severe depending on their existing health conditions. When caring for an elderly person, it's important to take note of the causes of the elderly falling and how to prevent them. Keep on reading to find out more about the prevention for falls in the elderly and how to handle falls in senior care.

Common Reasons Seniors Fall

There are a number of risk factors when it comes to why elderly people tend to fall. It may have to do with a pre-existing health condition, a health condition they may not be aware of, or it may be as simple as an accident. Regardless of the reason, elderly falls are not to be taken lightly - they should visit a doctor as soon as possible following their fall. Here are some common reasons why seniors fall:

Lack of Physical Activity

Little to no physical activity can result in poor muscle tone, decreased bone mass, loss of balance, and reduced flexibility. All of these implications can contribute to a higher risk of falling for your senior loved one.

Impaired Vision

Reduced vision poses an obvious risk: if your elderly loved one can't properly see their surroundings, they're bound to trip or fall over.

Diseases or Medication

Certain diseases and medications can cause weakness in the extremities, poor grip strength, balance disorders, and cognitive impairment.


Recovering from a surgery can leave anyone at risk of falling, most of all seniors. Procedures like hip replacements can leave an elderly person weak, in pain, and less mobile than they were before.

Environmental Hazards

Did you know that one third of all senior falls involve at-home hazards? Poor lighting, loose carpets, and lack of safety equipment all contribute to this statistic.

How to Help Prevent Your Elderly from Falling

You'll be glad to know there are some measures you can take to lower seniors' risk of falling:

Physical Therapy

To avoid your elderly loved one falling, enrol them in physical therapy. This will make their muscles stronger and encourage them to participate in regular physical exercise to maintain their muscle tone.

Medical Treatment

If the cause of your elderly loved one's falls has to do with a medical condition, talk to your doctor about a plan of action. They may be able to change or give them new medication to reduce their risk.

Environmental Management

Make your home a safe place for your senior. Secure all loose carpet ends, keep stairways well-lit, and keep most of your furniture against walls. Keeping your home well-lit and open concept, with minimal obstacles will help keep your senior safe from falls.

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