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How Hospice Care Is Different Than Other Types of Home Care

hospice caregiver Newmarket One of the most difficult parts of caring for a loved one comes when his or her disease is terminal. This is a situation in which many caregivers find themselves: having to deal with the emotional and mental strain of watching a loved one as they pass away.

For family members, this responsibility can prove too much to handle. In those instances, turning to home care assistance or hospice care is a good choice. Our organization will pair you with a hospice caregiver in Newmarket who is trained to handle all of the duties that comes with care for elders.

End-of-Life Home Care

There’s no place your loved ones would rather spend their last days than in their homes, where they are surrounded with the love of family and the familiarity of their home and neighbourhood. It can be difficult to deal with the deterioration of health that comes with old age, but knowing they are in a place of their choice can only add to their spirit.

What our caregivers at Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region can provide is sensitivity and professionalism when caring for your loved one. There are still things that need to get done: medication is still required to be administered, your loved one will still need to be bathed and clothed, and his or her symptoms must be closely monitored.

There are also practical matters that need to be addressed; organizing visits from geographically distant friends and family is part of our responsibility. Paying bills and handling other financial matters is also something we manage.

One of the most important aspects of our caregiving service is emotional: being there to talk to your loved one, listen to his or her wishes and engage him or her continually. It would be false to say we understand what they are going through, but our caregivers are able to empathize and make their days as comfortable as possible.

Plus, our caregivers are in it for the long run. The timeline of end-of-life care is often vague, but families can take solace in knowing that our caregivers will be present for as long as care is needed.

This is an extremely emotional time for everyone in your family. You certainly want to be sure that your loved one is in capable hands. Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region has a long history and valued reputation of providing the very best in home care. Our hospice caregivers are ready should you need them. For more information about our services, contact us today.

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