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National Report Card on Health Care

Posted by Brian Shevel on 9 September 2015

Toronto, Canada, September 9, 2015 - Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region (HomeCareAssistance-Toronto.com), the leading provider of non-medical, in-home senior care in the Greater Toronto Area, is reacting to the 2015 National Report Card on Health Care in Canada.

According to the poll, conducted on behalf of the Canadian Medical Association by an independent market research company, over 60% of Canadians feel they are not in a position financially, or otherwise, to comfortably offer long-term care to senior family members. (Source: "Three in Five Canadians (63%) Aren't Prepared to Care for Family Members who Require Long-term Care," Ipsos web site, August 24, 2015; http://www.ipsos-na.com/news-polls/pressrelease.aspx?id=6959.)

"The thought of not being able to sufficiently care for your senior family members - your parents, grandparents or older siblings - due to lack of resources is definitely scary," says Brian Shevel, President of Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region. "So I understand the frustration of these Canadians."

The poll suggests that the majority of Canadians, nine out of 10 respectively, believe that Canada needs some type of national health care strategy for seniors - a strategy that includes hospital care, home care, long-term health care facilities, and palliative care.

"Canada certainly needs to buckle down and come up with a comprehensive health care plan for seniors, one that is applicable throughout the country and across all health care sectors," notes Shevel. "We need a strategy that is practical and works equally as well for home care providers and long-term care facilities as it does for hospitals."

Approximately 75% of Canadians polled believe the government must provide the landscape and the proper funding for a national senior's health care strategy in order to be truly effective. And most Canadians, not just seniors, believe that focusing on home care is the right step moving forward.

"Seniors prefer to stay at home and get cared for; that's no secret at all. The government understands that hospitals alone aren't going to be enough, particularly with people living longer. Access to home care for seniors in Ontario and across Canada is going to be a crucial point of emphasis in the next five and 10 years," concludes Shevel. "Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region continually strives to do more for seniors and home care providers. Our caregivers have access to educational materials and training seminars, and our hiring process is thorough to begin with."

To learn more about the services offered by Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region, visit the company's web site at http://homecareassistance-toronto.com/.

Brian ShevelAuthor: Brian Shevel
About: I am originally from South Africa from a small city called Bloemfontein. After I completed my education, I went to work with my late-father who had a wholesale business selling clothes and shoes to retail stores around the country. I was in the business till I left for Canada in 1993. In Canada, I have run several businesses in a variety of industries. Although I experienced success, I missed helping people. I learned from my parents that helping seniors was important to their well-being and of great value to the community. Volunteer work remains a priority in my life. I am a past president of Bnai Brith and serve on many other committees.
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