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November is CPR Awareness Month

Posted by Brian Shevel on 20 October 2014

Knowing cardio pulmonary resuscitation - or CPR, as it's more commonly known - can literally mean the difference between life and death. As the top provider of hourly home care in Richmond Hill, Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region knows the importance of healthcare workers having this skill.

November is CPR Awareness Month, and as a provider of 24/7 homecare services in York, we are constantly striving to let our clients know the importance of learning CPR. With this skill, you could end up saving an elderly loved one's life one day. And if it's done properly, performing CPR on someone in cardiac arrest can improve their chances of survival by up to 30%!

If you're looking to learn CPR yourself, contact us today to find out where you can learn this invaluable skill in your area. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has set guidelines for training in CPR, which our homecare workers follow. We also update our care providers' skills regularly so they remain knowledgeable about the latest CPR techniques. Our homecare services in York include taking all the necessary steps for ensuring your loved one's safety.

Each year, more than one million Canadians, regardless of whether they work for a home health care service or they're regular citizens, learn CPR. In addition, more and more businesses are starting to have an automated external defibrillator (AED) on premises and training employees in its use, greatly improving the chances of survival should an employee or customer suffer cardiac arrest.

CPR involves pressing on the heart to get it to restart after it has stopped; this is done to prevent the brain damage that can result from a stopped heart and to keep the patient's heart beating until medical help can arrive. In order for CPR to be effective, it must be performed within four to six minutes of the person going into cardiac arrest. If you have a loved one who is living on their own and they suffer from a heart condition, having someone on-hand to perform CPR should the senior go into cardiac arrest is extremely important.

Our hourly home care in Richmond Hill includes workers who are highly skilled in a number of life-saving techniques, including CPR. During the month of November, we will work to raise awareness of the importance of having this skill as part of CPR Awareness Month.

You've doubtlessly seen CPR performed on TV shows and movies and may feel confident that you can perform it yourself. However, you must receive proper training in order to perform this life-saving technique. During November, Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region, your provider of 24/7 homecare services in York, will provide you with the resources you need to learn CPR. Contact us for more information today!


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Brian ShevelAuthor: Brian Shevel
About: I am originally from South Africa from a small city called Bloemfontein. After I completed my education, I went to work with my late-father who had a wholesale business selling clothes and shoes to retail stores around the country. I was in the business till I left for Canada in 1993. In Canada, I have run several businesses in a variety of industries. Although I experienced success, I missed helping people. I learned from my parents that helping seniors was important to their well-being and of great value to the community. Volunteer work remains a priority in my life. I am a past president of Bnai Brith and serve on many other committees.
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