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Spot the Signs of Elder Abuse

Posted by Brian Shevel on 29 July 2014
It's a subject that few like to discuss, but elder abuse is a problem that many seniors face. Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region, the leading provider of home health care service in Burlington and the surrounding regions, offers a number of resources to both seniors suffering from abuse and family members of abused seniors.

Senior abuse affects everyone. Before he passed away in 2014, legendary actor Mickey Rooney spoke candidly about being the victim of elder abuse at a public hearing; even the famous are vulnerable. (To watch the video, please see the web site address provided at the end of the article.)

As the top provider of home health care service in Burlington, we urge anyone who suspects that a family member is suffering from elder abuse to call the police immediately and remove their loved one from the situation. Our homecare workers are experts at working with seniors who have suffered from abuse and helping them to regain their sense of dignity, as well as assisting them through the traumatic experience they have been through.

There are seven types of elder abuse:

  1. Physical: If you notice that an elderly loved one has any unexplained bruises and they seem to be evasive, it may be something as innocent as being embarrassed about having an accident; however, it could also be a sign they are suffering from abuse at the hands of a caregiver.
  2. Sexual: Next to physical abuse, this is one of the most difficult forms of abuse for both family members and seniors to face. Sexual abuse can include fondling, sexual harassment, and even rape.
  3. Emotional or psychological: This can include a range of abuse that varies from name calling to accusations to criticism to even giving the person the silent treatment.
  4. Neglect: We've all heard about the senior whose family never comes to visit them. Unfortunately, this is all too real, and many family members may do this without even realizing it. Our home health care service in Burlington provides an in-home caregiver to help around the house, preventing neglect.
  5. Abandonment: Like neglect, caring for an elderly family member can be too much for some people to handle and they may simply choose to stop coming to see them, leaving the senior completely alone and helpless. If a family member has been charged with taking care of an elder and you suspect they have been neglecting their duties, confront them about it. Our home health care service in Burlington takes the burden off family members when it comes to elder care.
  6. Financial and material exploitation: One of the topics that Rooney talks about in the video is family members taking advantage of his finances. This typically involves misuse and outright theft of a senior's money or property, leaving them with little or no finances to cover basic expenses.
  7. Self-neglect: Whether it's due to depression or any number of conditions, such as dementia or Alzheimer's, seniors may neglect their well-being in addition to their home. Our home health care service in Burlington not only assists with household chores and errands, but our workers also provide companionship.
To find out more about elder abuse, contact Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region to access our valuable resources about this sensitive subject.


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Brian ShevelAuthor: Brian Shevel
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