7 November 2019

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What does it mean to be a Health Advocate?

by Ishtar Yousif
The time comes for your loved one to be accompanied to their medical appointments. To ensure that they continue to receive accurate and detailed information regarding their health status and medications, a health advocate must be included at all doctor visits.  A health advocate is a fam...

17 October 2019

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How Sundown Syndrome Effects Seniors in the Fall and Winter

by Ishtar Yousif
Fall is here and this is the time of year when "sundowning" can be more prevalent, especially for individuals in the middle stages of dementia. The days are only getting colder and shorter and with that comes distress, confusion and restlessness amongst dementia patients. The term used ...

3 June 2019

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Toilet Tips for Bathroom Safety

Aging, for many, comes with a loss of strength and balance, making seemingly simple tasks like sitting down and getting up from the toilet a difficult endeavor. Along with the embarrassment, it raises the risks of potential falls and injuries. There are, however, many assistive technologie...

24 May 2019

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Creative Way to Engage Seniors

The weather is getting warmer, it is a lovely Saturday, and you stumble upon a great way to spend the afternoon: Let me visit my parent today! Your concern, however, is "What will today's topic of conversation be? What can we talk about? What will prompt them to speak?" You notic...

14 May 2019

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Healthy Smoothies for Seniors

Who doesn't love a good smoothie? They're quick and simple to make, easy to eat, and generally delicious. Smoothies are also easily customizable to supplement anyone's specific nutrient deficiencies. All in all, smoothies are a great choice for seniors, and can be enjoyed by the wh...

10 May 2019

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Helpful Tips to Enjoy Mother's Day

Helpful Tips to Enjoy Mother's Day   Mother's day is an important time of the year to celebrate mothers for all that they have done and continue to do for us. Quality time with our mothers has always been precious, and it only continues to grow in significance as our ...

22 April 2019

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How to Tell Your Aging Parent They Need In-Home Care

It's come to the point when you're afraid to leave your aging parent home alone. What if they forget to turn off the oven? What if they fall? What if they forget they already took their medication and take it again? It's time for in-home care. In-home care, however, is ofte...

8 April 2019

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Fun Activities For Seniors with Dementia

One of the most frustrating things that may be plaguing your loved one with dementia is boredom. They're not working anymore, they might not be able to go out for as long as they used to, and a lot of their old hobbies are difficult or tiring for them now. Finding activities that offer...

8 February 2019

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Parent with Dementia Refusing Care: 4 Ways to Help

by Myriam Hamidi
Seeking care for a parent can be tough, especially if that parent is currently experiencing symptoms of Dementia or are in the mid-late stages of Alzheimer's. It is a challenging battle on both ends - on one hand, children believe it is their responsibility in ensuring that their parent is...

19 October 2018

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Live-In Care Services For Seniors With High Blood Pressure In Toronto

by Brian Shevel
Like carbon monoxide poisoning, high blood pressure is often considered a "silent killer" because most people aren't aware that they even have it. Senior citizens are most likely to be afflicted with this condition but failing to get routine health checkups can prove to be fatal....

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