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Ways to Safe-Proof a Home for the Elderly

Posted by Brian Shevel on 23 May 2014

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), May 23, 2014 - Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region (HomeCareAssistance-Toronto.com), the leading provider of non-medical, in-home senior care in the Greater Toronto Area, discusses different ways in which homes can be adjusted to be safer and more comfortable for seniors.

"The overwhelming majority of seniors would prefer to receive care at home, but it's important that the home is safely equipped to properly care for and manage the elderly," says Lester Fix, executive vice president of Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region. "It's up to family and caregivers to ensure the safety of the elderly once the decision to stay home has been made." (Source: "Safety Tips," Elderly Proofing Inc. web site; http://elderlyproofing.com/?page_id=437, last accessed May 22, 2014.)

Some simple ways to safe-proof the home to better protect elders include covering up sharp corners to avoid injury and rearranging furniture so it's easy for seniors to get in and out of couches and chairs. Fix explains that it seems like a small thing, but falls are one of the main ways that seniors get injured inside their own homes, meaning these small changes can minimize injuries.

"Another area where safety for elders needs to be a prime concern is in the bathroom," Fix notes. "The most effective way to minimize any accidents in the bathroom is by installing handlebars in the shower and putting in a portable shower head for easy use. Also, place non-skid floor mats in front of the shower and toilet."

According to Fix, other safety measures include making sure the smoke detectors work; using levers instead of doorknobs, so seniors don't have to wrap their hands around the knob to open doors; and putting a light and a telephone beside the bed. (Source: Ibid.)

"A lot of the safety measures are just ensuring that objects are easy to get to or easy to avoid without much effort," he concludes. "If something is difficult for a younger family member to operate or manoeuvre around, then it will probably be even harder for a senior."

Serving the Greater Toronto Area, Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region provides older adults with high-quality and consistent care, helping them live happier, healthier lives in the comfort of their home. In an effort to fully address its mobile and homebound clients' lifestyle needs, Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region provides both hourly home care and live-in home care. On top of that, Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region is so certain its customers will be 100% satisfied with its services that it doesn't require a long-term contract. To learn more about Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region, visit the company's web site at www.HomeCareAssistance-Toronto.com or call Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region at 905-597-5825.
Brian ShevelAuthor: Brian Shevel
About: I was born in South Africa in a city called Bloemfontein. Went to Christian Brothers College (CBC) finished High school there. I went into business with my father we had a wholesale selling cloths and shoes to retail stores around the country. I was in the business till I left for Canada in 1993. Was a past president of Bnai Brith and served on many other committees. In Canada worked in the computer software industry selling construction software. I was always involved helping the elderly as my mother was very involved and I went along with her. Also looked after my father as he aged. Helped as a volunteer with seniors.
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