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What to Do After Being Discharged From the Hospital

Posted by Brian Shevel on 24 December 2013

Whether it's themselves or a loved one, being discharged from the hospital is something that most people doubtlessly feel mixed emotions about. There's the sense of relief that they're well enough to leave, but also a sense of anxiety about what to do next.

Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region, the leading provider of expert in-home care, tells clients that there are steps you can follow to ensure that the transition from hospital to home is as stress-free as possible. We offer a variety of resources to clients who have a loved one returning to their home following a stay at a hospital.

Often, many patients prefer to recover at home, so having the proper resources in place can cut down considerably on a stay at the hospital and free up beds for priority patients.

Before being discharged from the hospital, speak to a discharge planner who can provide you with the best options following discharge, be it entering a care facility or returning home. While you, family, and friends may be able to provide a level of support, you should still bring in a trained professional. Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region tells its clients that returning home to a familiar environment is often also beneficial for the patient. However, if your or your loved one's needs will be too much to handle at home, then look into a care facility.

Once the patient has returned home, goals should be set and progress followed. Remember to treat even seemingly minor improvements like a major victory; this will go a long way towards improving spirits and helping with the healing process.

You or your loved one should establish a routine upon returning home. This will help with the transition from the hospital, since a sense of familiarity often helps. Whatever schedule was followed prior to the stay at the hospital should be re-established a few days after discharge, as should regular times for meals, medication, and exercise.

Major household tasks, however, should be left up to the caregiver, as many patients require rest and relaxation following a hospital stay. After a few weeks, the patient can start chipping in to help ease back into a familiar, comforting routine.

Feelings of agitation and frustration are common upon returning from the hospital, as many patients do not have the same level of independence they once did. Stress and any emotional challenges that could possibly lead to depression should be dealt with immediately.

If you hire a provider from Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region, take full advantage of their expertise in developing a care plan, managing a routine, and providing companionship and someone to listen.

Order our book, Hospital to Home Care: A Step by Step Guide to Providing Care to Patients Post Hospitalization at no charge for a complete guide for you or your loved ones if you opt for home care following a hospital stay. Contact Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region for details.

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