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As a senior living alone, there are still many things you enjoy doing and should be able to get done. Family members may not always be available to be there with you for some of these activities, but that shouldn't stop you. Let our caregivers at Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region help with the simple things, like conversations, games, walks, or even a trip to the movies. We're here to offer companion care for seniors any way we can.

Companion Care Services for Seniors

Families want to know their senior parents are not only safe at home, but that they are enjoying their lives. In home companionship services from Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region is one way families can have some peace of mind, knowing their parent or grandparent is in good hands. Our elderly companion services means seniors are still able to participate in social activities, or just have someone there for company and casual conversation.

At Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region, our caregivers offer:

Friendly and Supportive Conversation

Sometimes all seniors want and need is someone to talk to. Companionship comes in so many different forms and can be subtle. Conversation is one way to really keep seniors mentally active.

Plan and Encourage Social Activities

Being a senior doesn't mean you should have to stay home all day. It's important to get out and socialize with other people, and take part in activities that involve moving or thinking. Keeping the body and mind sharp is important.

Encourage Light Exercise

Physical exercise is a major key to keeping seniors in good health. It doesn't have to be anything heavy at all. Walks or some other form of light aerobics is all it takes. Just be consistent and maybe even make a schedule that includes working out.

Seniors Benefit from Companionship

There's so much that seniors gain from our companion services. They are able to stay strong both physically and psychologically, and there's a peace of mind knowing someone is there whenever they need it.

Some more tangible benefits include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Releasing stress-reducing hormones
  • Enhanced nutrition and digestion
  • Regulating the body's blood sugar level
  • Higher self-esteem.
  • Decreased length of hospital stays

The last point is particularly important. When seniors know they have something to come home to, it impacts their recovery. So much of our elderly companion services are about having a presence, and encouraging and allowing seniors to do the things they love to do.

Elderly Companion Services in Toronto

Every senior deserves independence. They deserve the chance to be able to do the things they love to do. This, of course, would involve family, but sometimes it's just not possible for family to be there all the time. This is where our senior companionship services at Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region really have their benefits. We make it possible for seniors to remain independent and live fruitful, productive lives.

Whether they need someone to listen, someone to help them with chores around the house, or company for some errands or an outdoor activity, Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region is here for all of it and much more. We know how much your parent or loved one means to you. Trust us to help them keep living the life they choose.

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