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Home Care Assistance in Aurora provides individualized and specialized in-home care services that improves the quality and maintains independence in your elderly loved ones lives. Whether it's an aging parent that needs a light helping hand or another loved one that requires full-time, in-home elderly care, we create schedules and routines that fit your loved ones' lifestyle while promoting body and mind wellness.

Most parents or aging family members are settled into their long time home and don't want to give up that familiarity and comfort. With Home Care Assistance in Aurora, they can continue living independently and happily from the support of our trained caregiver staff.

Home Care Assistance in Aurora provides elderly home care services including:

Hourly Home Care

Elderly in-home hourly care in Aurora provides your loved ones all the support and assistance they need, without the commitment or costs of a full-time caregiver. Hourly in-home care is best suited for aging individuals that can use a hand in light housekeeping, running errands, and companionship. Maximize your loved one's quality of life without hampering their independence.
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Live-In Home Care

Live-in home care in Aurora offers round-the-clock companionship, continued attendance, and safety for your elderly family member(s). Our Aurora caregivers will help your loved ones stay on top of their medication schedules, provide appointment transportation, and handle the house work, providing you and your family added peace of mind.

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Hospital to Home Care

When an elderly person is discharged from the hospital, our Aurora caregivers can make the transition from hospital-to-home seamless. Some home architectural changes and round-the-clock care, though necessary, may not be feasible at this time, so our hospital-to-home care can alleviate stress and logistics through this transition period in the meantime.

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Your loved ones don't want to leave home. It's the home they built, raised families in, made memories in, and grew old in.

Help them continue living where they're happiest and most comfortable with Home Care Assistance of York's hourly or live-in elderly home care services in Aurora. Our fully trained Aurora caregivers will enhance quality of life, boost body and mind wellness, while helping your loved ones maintain their independence. These are some of the areas we regularly assist in:

Why Choose Home Care Assistance for Richmond Hill Seniors?

Home Care Assistance of York takes a holistic approach to care, and as part of this commitment, we offer:

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Caregiver Screening & Training
  • Flat Fees (no tiered pricing structure)
  • No long-term contracts
  • Our "We Will Be There" Guarantee
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Dementia & Alzheimer's Care

Alongside our trained Aurora caregivers, we've developed programs and methods designed specifically for elderly people with Alzheimer's and dementia. Each personalized care plan ensures both your loved one's safety, as well as slowing symptom progression. Our cognitive therapeutics methods will help improve memory capabilities, while providing meaningful activity throughout the day.
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Stroke & Heart Care

When your loved one is discharged from hospital after a stroke or heart attack scare, the recovery period begins immediately, which can impact long-term health. As such, our staff stays on top of all the auxiliary tasks in your loved one's life - medication reminders, mobility exercises, assistance around the home - so they can focus on recovering and wellbeing. Post-stroke care often involves a number of appointments with specialists, which we'll glady chaperone your family member to.
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Parkinson's Care

With regular exercise being imperative in maintaining muscle health and mass after a Parkinson's disease diagnosis, our hourly and live-in care services fro people with Parkinson's includes strength training exercises, stretching, and other activities based on capability.

Each person's capacity for exercise is different; our caregivers devise sensible health programs, alongside the usual transportation, emotional support, and medication reminders we've always provided.

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Oncology Care

Our experienced live-in caregivers are familiar with the post-cancer treatment recovery period and the exhaustion it brings. We'll assist with all routine housework like cooking and cleaning, in addition to emotional support and appoitnemnt or errand transportation needs. We can even send hospital sitters to keep your loved ones company while they're in treatment or at a follow-up appointment.
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Senior Orthopedic Care

Senior orthepedic care services from our trained staff helps aging people recover and regain mobility from orthopaedic surgery caused by osteoarthritis, spinal, or knee problems, and fractures, dislocations, hip and shoulder pain. Our Aurora in-home caregivers eases the recovery process through high-caliber elderly care that never compromises independence.
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Palliative Care

Even if your loved one is suffering from a life-threatening illness, it doesn't need to stop them from living in a familiar environment surrounded by loved ones. Home Care Assistance in Aurora will work closely with your family to improve body & mind wellness, and positivity through individualized in-home care - a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work when your loved one's wellbeing is at stake. We'll do our best to relieve pain, improve mood, and provide you and your family with the best possible care.
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Senior Home Care in Aurora is a call away. Contact Home Care Assistance of York to schedule your free in-home consultation and find out how we can help your loved ones live independently in the home they built.

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