Errand And Transportation Assistance For Seniors In Toronto

You may have a good reason to be concerned about your senior parents or loved ones driving around on their own. Obviously, for those who are capable there's no reason to be worried, but for those seniors who may be getting into fender benders in the parking lots, leaving the keys in the car with the engine still turned on, or forgetting where they're driving to, it might be time to consider some form of elder care transportation service.

Not only will this help put your mind at ease, but it also ensures the safety of others on the road and minimizes the chances of any more serious accidents.

Errand Services for Elderly at Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region

Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region understands that the older we get, the more difficult some routine activities become. It's hard for seniors to sometimes recognize these cognitive mishaps on their own. It takes someone else pointing them out and then offering a better solution before they recognize their own faults and take the appropriate action.

That is the purpose of our offering transportation assistance for seniors. We know that seniors still have a life to live and that involves moving around to get things done. But we want to make sure in doing so that they remain safe while still being able to accomplish daily errands.

Our Caregivers Assist Seniors in Errand Services

There are a number of day-to-day functions in which Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region can assist seniors. This includes:
  • Mailing or shipping/package delivery
  • Delivering supplies
  • Drop-off services (dry cleaning, prescriptions, gifts)
  • Returns (store purchases, videos, etc.)
  • Holiday, gift or personal shopping
  • Car washes or vehicle service
  • Trip to pick up prescriptions

Incidental Transportation Services for Seniors in Toronto

There's certainly more to seniors' lives than the daily knocking around. Sometimes, there are leisure or unscheduled activities in which you may want to take part. Sometimes these activities are important but don't occur every day. Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region provides more than errand services for seniors. We are more than willing to accommodate seniors for the following:
  • Doctor's appointments and therapy sessions
  • Medical procedures
  • Hair appointments
  • Visits with friends or family
  • Religious services
  • Special events (weddings, birthdays, graduations etc.)
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Shopping

The Benefits of Senior Transportation Services in Toronto

Toronto is a busy city with lots of things to do for people of all ages. Seniors living in Toronto know the hustle and bustle that is consistent with daily travel, and if they, for any reason, don't feel safe or comfortable, then they need to know that we're here to help.

At Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region, we feel that seniors should never be left out of an activity simply because they can't travel on their own. Our senior care transportation services allows seniors to carrying on enjoying their lives and socializing, just as they should expect.

We can help. To learn more about our transportation assistance for seniors, call 905-597-5825 or Fill in our Contact Form

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