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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that deciding on in-home care for a parent or loved one is a difficult decision. To help to give you a better understanding of the process and expectations of high quality in-home care from Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region, we’ve outlined a few of the most frequently asked questions in hopes that it brings you closer to making an informed determination on who should care for your aging parent, grandparent, or loved one.

Q. Is any part of this home care covered?

A. The government does not cover any portion of the home care services offered by Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region. In cases where seniors require in-home care, governments only subsidize a limited number of nurse or therapist visits.

Q. Does Home Care Assistance specialize in any specific field of care?

A. Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region has a staff of caregivers that are specially trained in the following areas:

Q. Do your caregivers only care for seniors at their actual home?

A. One of the great benefits of Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region is that we go anywhere the seniors go to provide them with our homecare services. Whether the senior is at a nursing home, their real home, or even the hospital, we can provide one-on-one service, even if it’s mainly for companionship. We even take it one step further and can accompany seniors if they choose to go on vacation.

Q. What are the costs associated with in-home care? Is there an hourly charge?

A. Hourly care is billed at one fixed rate at a minimum of four hours, regardless of day of the week or time of day. Our 24/7 care is similarly billed at one fixed rate by the hour, but is usually reserved only for those patients who require close attention at all times.For live-in home care services, there is a daily rate, with no minimum number of days per week to be met.

Q. What’s the benefit of using a caregiver from HCA instead of hiring a private caregiver not associated with any organization?

A. When hiring a private caregiver, you become responsible for properly screening that person to ensure they are safe and have the experience and skills necessary to care for your loved one. You also have to ensure that if, for whatever reason, this private caregiver isn’t able to be present on a certain day, that you find a backup caregiver to replace them.

You should also consider that Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region hires professionals and provides continuous training and education so our caregivers are prepared and confident enough to care for seniors. And being bonded and insured makes a difference, as caregivers do get hurt on the job; with private caregivers, it’s possible that you receive the blame for any accidents within your home, even if you’re not at fault.

Q. How do I know I can trust the caregiver to come into my home?

A. Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region has a rigorous and thorough hiring process that sees only one out of every 25 caregivers we interview get hired. We conduct extensive local and national criminal background checks and require a minimum of two years experience with qualified and verifiable references.

Once hired, our caregivers continue to receive training and education and are provided with large sources of online references material to consult at any time. All of our caregivers are bonded, insured, licensed (if necessary), and covered by workers’ compensation insurance. And to ensure all caregivers are providing the standard of service expected at Home Care Assistance– Toronto/York Region, we send out care managers periodically to each home and make changes if necessary.

Q. How do I decide what type of homecare service is right for my loved one?

A. The type of service you choose will be dependent on the condition of the senior who requires the in-home care. Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region specializes in hourly and live-in care, but also offer other homecare services, such as 24/7 care for seniors who need constant attention. Speak to your local Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region and they will be able to help you determine which services are best suited for the senior in question.

Q. How do I convince my parent or loved one that they need home care?

A. This is a task in which you need to be patient. The biggest fear of your senior parent or loved one is that they will lose their independence, but this is far from the truth. In reality, Home Care Assistance– Toronto/York Region is providing care that encourages independence and allows seniors to live their lives without us placing any restrictions outside of what has been deemed potentially harmful to their health or well-being. We are facilitators whose job it is to ensure seniors are safe, healthy, and following any regiments necessary to live a purposeful life.

Q. What separates Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region from other home care agencies?

A. Our entire approach to home care is unique. We conduct the highest form of continual care management where our goal is not to babysit, but to promote and encourage independence for the seniors in our care. We have equipped our caregivers with a PhD-developed proprietary training system with techniques that have been proven to prolong the lives of seniors in our care.

The fact that we specialize in hourly and live-in, long-term care provides our seniors and their families peace of mind from knowing it is likely that one caregiver will be matched with the senior for the duration of the services. This allows for an emotional bond to be built and for routines to be consistent.