Precautions And Exercises For Fast Orthopedic Surgery Recovery

Caregivers For Orthopedic Surgery Home Care AssistanceRecovering from orthopedic surgery often involves months of limited mobility and the need for constant care. Home care for orthopedic surgery recovery can give you or your loved one a much-needed hand around the house, along with any other assistance, following the return home from the hospital.

What Happens Following Surgery?

Following orthopedic surgery, there will be some swelling around the surgical site. Some pain and bruising is to be expected as well; if the pain persists, see your doctor immediately, as a clot may be forming. Also take any prescribed medication and keep the area elevated, if possible, to help reduce swelling. Applying ice to the swollen area for 20 minutes, then taking it off for the same length of time can go a long way towards reducing swelling as well.

There will also be a need to make adjustments to your fitness routine post-surgery. If the patient takes part in high-impact activities like running or tennis, they will have to find alternatives, as these sports put a huge strain on joints. A home treadmill, stationary bike, or low-impact sports like golf, walking, and swimming are alternative exercises. Caregivers for post-orthopedic surgery can make sure that a person sticks to a fitness routine following the operation.

What Caregivers Do to Help

A caregiver can help with orthopedic surgery recovery in a number of ways. This is important, as in the days following discharge from the hospital, the patient will need 24/7 care, which can be a challenge for friends and family to incorporate into their schedules.

Caregivers for after orthopedic surgery can help with household chores if they are living on their own. The dressing on the site the surgery was performed on will also need to be changed regularly; a caregiver who specializes in surgery aftercare can perform this and show the right way to change a dressing, as well as assist with getting in and out of bed and getting dressed. Another component of home care is ensuring the patient sticks to any dietary changes that were recommended and preparing them nutritious meals to accommodate these changes.

After surgery, your doctor will likely recommend a range of motion exercises to help regain mobility. A quality caregiver will make sure they are performed properly while offering encouragement.

Limited mobility is expected during the recovery period and driving or even taking public transportation may be out of the question. A caregiver can drive the recovering patient to appointments, shopping trips, and other errands. And most importantly, a live-in caregiver will provide companionship while the patient recovers from surgery to prevent boredom, anxiety, and depression.

As the leading provider of caregivers for post-orthopedic surgery recovery in Toronto and the surrounding regions, Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region provides clients with caregivers who specialize in recovery following orthopedic surgery. We also offer a number of resources to make the period following surgery easy for you and your family. For caregivers for after orthopedic surgery in Toronto, contact Home Care Assistance - Toronto/York Region today!

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