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In-Home Care Services in Markham

You’ve spent many years living in your home, invested time and effort in it, and now want to spend the rest of your life there rather than moving into a retirement home. However, looking after a house is a lot of work. If you’re searching for in-home care services in Markham and the Greater Toronto Area, look no further than Home Care Assistance.

We realize that your children may not be able to look after you, as they have jobs and families of their own. A live-in caregiver provides adults with around-the-clock care, monitoring their safety and attending to any daily or immediate needs they may have. As a provider of in-home care services in Markham and the GTA, Home Care Assistance’s team of experts provides 24-hour home care to our clients.

More and more seniors are choosing to remain at home, but being a homeowner is a lot of work and may require assistance. As the leading provider of in-home care services in Markham, we provide services that enable clients can continue living with a measure of dignity and independence.

Home Care Assistance provides a complete range of in-home care services in Markham and the GTA. We assist our clients with house cleaning, cooking, laundry, and changing linens. Our team of trained professionals will also take you or your loved one out to do their grocery shopping and other errands.

And most importantly, or home care service providers also offer companionship in addition to providing in-home care services in Markham. We carefully select home care workers who are best suited to each client. After all, they will be spending a lot of time with you or your loved one, so you want both parties to be comfortable with each other.

Our providers of in-home care services in Markham are trained in a method that encourages balance and longevity for our clients. At Home Care Assistance, we base our Balanced Care Method on the results of studies into the longevity of citizens in Okinawa, Japan, home to some of the longest-lived senior citizens in the world.

Having a live-in care provider can often be more affordable than moving into a care facility. Home Care Assistance offers a flat rate for in-home care services in Markham that won’t change if you require additional services. Best of all, you don’t have to sign any contracts and can cancel at any time.