Personal Care And Hygiene For The Elderly

Sometimes with aging, it becomes difficult for seniors to perform very routine personal care tasks. Things like showering, grooming, and changing clothes all become things that seniors are suddenly unable to do on their own. As part of our home care for the elderly, we at Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region offer a multitude of services for seniors who need daily or more regular assistance.

Our caregivers are prepared to help in many personal care and hygiene tasks including the following:

Bathing and Showering

Bathing is one of those daily tasks that can become dangerous for seniors. The surface of bathtubs can be slippery and cause accidents, but our caregivers are able to help your loved one safely get in and out of the bathtub to properly wash and clean themselves on a regular basis.

Personal Hygiene

This can come in many forms. The goal is to provide a more personal form of home care so your loved one maintains a high level of personal hygiene and feels comfortable around others.

Toilet Usage

Getting on and off the toilet is one of toughest tasks for seniors who are struggling to walk. Caregivers at Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region are trained to help your loved one get through this task multiple times throughout the day.

Dressing and Clothing Selection

Looking good is one way to help anyone feel even a little bit better. We help seniors find clothes and also assist in dressing them, so they can look and feel their best at all times.

Grooming - Including Shaving with Electric Shavers

Shaving can actually be an unsafe task for some seniors. Razors are obviously sharp and can potentially cause problems. Our caregivers will help seniors with shaving, along with other grooming tasks.

Exercise and Range of Motion

If it's at all possible for seniors to be moving around, then they need to be exercising. Whether it's simply taking walks or more active training, exercise helps improve the health of seniors in more ways than one.

Oral Care

Teeth brushing and other means of proper oral care are actually important for the overall health of your loved one. Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region is there for the day to day assistance in oral hygiene.


There are several scenarios where seniors may find it difficult to walk. Our caregivers at Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region are prepared to help seniors with standing and walking when possible.

Incontinence Care

For those seniors who are disabled and may suffer from frequent incontinence, we help keep their bodies clean as much as necessary throughout the day. We understand how difficult not being able to control your bowels or bladder can be, and so we manage this in a sensitive manner.

At Home Care Assistance Toronto/York Region, we make sure your elderly loved one's personal care and hygiene needs are regularly attended. Our caregivers are trained and prepared to handle all levels of in-home care for the elderly, and they do so in a respectful manner that allows your loved one to maintain their dignity.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the home care services we provide.

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